SkyTopia2 Animations are Up!

I’ve added the animated character cycles I worked on for Liquid Development for SkyTopia 2!

Shutterstock Contributor

I’m officially a Shutterstock Contributor!  You can buy the animations I’ve uploaded to their website. Check out my Shutterstock portfolio here:

Cupid Animation

I finally added the other animation I did for Valentine’s Day! It’s Cupid!

Valentine’s Day Animation

I’ve finished a Valentine’s Day animation! It’s my take on Love Potion No.9.


With Christmas coming, I decided to make reindeer! This one is vectorized and ready to animate.

I’m on Behance!

Check out my new @Behance portfolio: “Farmville Vector Assets”

Follow Me on Instagram!

You can now follow me on Instagram at

I’m challenging myself to take one picture a day. It’s for fun, but it’s also to continue working on my “eye” and creating good compositions.

Professional Facebook Page!

My professional Facebook page is up and running as Jessica Buuck Hallinan!

Officially Up to Date!

My website is now officially up to date (with the exception of the most recent animation project I’m working on, which I can’t show or talk about yet).  Otherwise the site is ready to be up and running finally!  That means I can start creating and adding new material!!!

Since my last post I realized none of my Flash animations would be visible on anything but desktop computers.  After A LOT of time researching and plenty of trial and error, I finally found settings and WordPress plugins that will allow me to show my animations on multiple devices!  They are now all using HTML5 players and are compatible with a wide variety of devices.  They are also responsive, so they’ll fit on any size screen.  Success!!!!  Ah, what a relief.  🙂

Over the next month, I will be attempting to make new animations while also relocating to LA!  I don’t expect to get a lot of animating done, but here’s hoping!

Almost There!

My new portfolio is almost ready!  I decided to share an animation that won’t be in the portfolio here.  It’s the first animation I ever made in Flash!  Bad Kitty gets bounced out of the cabin. 🙂